I want to appreciate the name of God in my life and family, I also want to thank God almighty for using our father and his family. On 12/04/2020, my wife came back from her shop and decided to boil water to make food for the children, and she entered inside the room and want to rest before she will make food unfortunately she slept off from 10:30 pm till 4:30 am when I saw our father, the wife and Deborah. So Deborah and Mummy were ministering to me and my wife while Daddy was busy playing with my daughter Danielle asking her of her name and school. So when daddy ended the play with my daughter, he came to us where mummy and Deborah were ministering to us and said, it is well with you, no evil shall befall you and your family and I said Amen. And I now wake up from the sleep and decided to go to bathroom to ease myself behold I saw that gas was on and the kettle was over heat for five to six hours. The only thing that happened to it was the handle head that only melted. I return all the glory to God of Dr. Pastor Paul Eneneche for delivery my family from fire because He did not allow the gas to explore.

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