Deliverance From Dark Being

Deliverance From Dark Being

6 years ago, I had a strange encounter with a strange being that lead to breath challenge for 6 years.
I came into the service in this condition and at the declaration by God’s servant, the senior pastor, a dark being left me and I am free.

Reward Odigiri
DIGC Akwanga, Nasarawa State


God Delivered My Family From Snake Attack.

Church praise The Lord. On Tuesday 17th January 2023 after our evening prayers, I got home from the church after which we all went to bed. Around 11PM my daughter whom I laid in my sister’s Inlaw’s room woke and started crying, my wife got up from the bed, about to step down and on turning on her phone light she saw a black shake right on the floor of our bedroom she started screaming calling me, I quickly rushed in to the bedroom and by the help of God located the snake and killed it. No loss. Praise the Lord.


How God Stop A Stranger From Messing Up With Me

I had a dream this morning that a strange man wanted to mess me up but I called on the God of pastor Paul Enenche. I said if his God stop the man from messing me up, I will come to testify, suddenly I saw daddy and Mummy Enenche and they spoiled the altar of the stranger and I saw myself dancing to the church rejoicing in the dream, praised God.

Elizabeth Tanimola


My name is Shalom Eigbe. After the message preached on thanksgiving on Sunday, I was prompted to come and testify on the goodness of God in my life. I would like to thank God for His Divine mercies upon my life. I am indeed a living testimony. When I was a baby, the devil tried to take my life with a terrible incurable sickness. I was in and out of the hospital countless times and it almost led to my death. But through Divine intervention, the Lord had mercy on me and allowed me to survive. As if that was not enough, the devil struck again. I lost my father as a teenager and my whole world scattered. I got into severe depression and almost committed suicide multiple times. I was unsure whether I would finish my high-school exams talk less of living to see another day. But today, not only did I complete my high school education but I also have my undergraduate and masters degree. I have lived to see my 25th year. I do not want to take anything for granted. I believe that what the Lord has started, He will continue and perfect my health and all that concerns me.

El-Shalom Eigbe

God Healed Me of Impotency

I was impotent and God healed me, Iam now a man PRAISE THE LORD.


I Got The Job After Applying In One Week

My name is Eileen I live in Germany, I have been on line member and I have been praying online and also join the Sunday services and other programms. The week I applied for a job here in Germany I gOt the job. I want thank GOD ALMIGHT for the job and also for my life and family in Jesus name amen. Mama and papa Enenche we love you and your family, may GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY DUNAMIS IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

eileen awotwe austen pratt

Divine Intervention

Good evening daddy, God miraculously saved and delivered my brother from a ghastly mirror accident that claim one life at a spot but my brother survived it, praise God.

Mr John seriki

Marital Settlement

During the prophetic declaration, I heard a loud voice that said; MARITAL SETTLEMENT!!! I believe God has settled me maritaly in Jesus name. Amen

Olumor Nkechi

Total breakout from Untimely Death And a Total Turnaround

Good morning ? from UK ??. I am Albertine Tem. Here is my testimony, I am presently watching the service this morning. And when the senior pastor mentioned a case about someone who was bound for death and he saw a coffin ⚰️ has been set on ? I was so much in tears because that was my case daddy mentioned. When he said that at the declaration of fire from 1 to 3 place your hands on your head and thereafter I saw angel Michael and Gabriel from side to side trampled upon the head of the devil in hell and all of a sudden they became many on a straight line from side to side and in the middle was a pool of fire ? and I was on the other side with the angels. And I heard a voice run on the angels to the other side and at the same time a coffin⚰️ appeared in the air burning ? with flames of fire and I saw myself passing through the burning coffin to the other side and watch the coffin burn to ashes in to the pool of fire.
Thank you Jesus, today marks an end to all my siege in Jesus mighty name amen ??.

Albertine Tem

AS turned AA/ Ocular hypertension terminated.

Praise God. I was diagnosed of ocular hypertension which caused me severe headache and eye pain. Our father in the Lord was praying for people with different eye conditions, immediately I keyed into it and to Glory of God, Ocular hypertension has checked back to hell.
Also, I went for the Tuesday healing and deliverance service praying to God for a change of genotype. I told my home cell members about it and we held our hands in agreement. On the 9th of May 2022 I went for a genotype test and it confirmed the words of his servant, genotype changed from AS to AA.
Glory be to God.

Ehioghae Esther Esohe

Answered Prayers

Praise the Lord, I am a student who just finished my semester exams, but due to how tough the courses were I wasn’t sure I would do well and I didn’t want a carry over, so I told God that if he makes it so that I have no carry over, I will give a testimony in his house to thank Him, lo and behold when the results were out I didn’t have a single carry over. Thank you Jesus!


Delivered From Covid 19 Virus

Church my name is Richard Uba Chukwukere, online worshipper and followers of Dunamis Church with my family, we reside in London. Church I and my family are thanking the GOD of Dunamis. On the 24th of December 2021, I tested positive to covid 19 virus and was placed on isolation for ten days. GOD of Dunamis showed HIS Mighty Hands upon my life, after 26th service, wow, wow, within two days, the virus disappeared and today I am free, Thank You JESUS. See my test results.

Richard Uba Chukwukere


For about a week, I was not been able to defecate. On May 9, 2020, I sent an SMS to God’s servant. He replied with “Divine intervention in Jesus name. The agenda of the enemy is arrested in Jesus Name.” I received the Word and from the next day eternally, I was healed. I THANK GOD.

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System lost their peace for my sake

Goodmorning sir I am an member of the church I have been attending services and there is this usual statement you make that I have been taking as common but I took quite serious two Sundays ago ” systems shall lose their peace and rest for your sake until what is yours given to you ” this happened recently a friend sent me a job link and I applied I received an email unknown to me last week Wednesday inviting me for an interview in lagos but I am based in Abuja and even if I was aware I could not travel because of funds so I contacted the organization (Oxford Montero group) and asked for a reschedule I was ignore for a while and gave up then the words of that divine pronouncement rang in my ears and a friend urged me on because I was initially not considered since there is no office here in Abuja . God did it I was contacted and given an online interview I did considerably okay and I’m allowed to work from Abuja as a sales associate I have been given a target of #3m naira I don’t know anyone here but I believe God knows everyone I am on trial and the company will soon have an office in Abuja and my performance this month will determine if I stay as a staff. Salary is attractive and I don’t want to lose this job as I don’t have funds to move around and print letters as I intend to give to individuals and organizations for marketing. I also need new funds for clothing to look more presentable please pray for me for God to perfect this miracle. I actually desire you to be my first customer We are into lands , housing and agricultural investments. God bless you sir

Obilor Kelechi

Multiple testimonies o God’s Grace

I want to bless the name of the Lord for His faithfulness in my life.
I’ve been trusting God for a change of story in my life.Last week Monday, I recieved an employment letter immediately after a job interview. Before I got home that same day, I recieved another call to pick up another letter of employment(Federal employment).
I couldn’t contain my joy and amazement getting two jobs in just one day. Indeed God of supernatural shift is at work..it was drastic, dramatic and dimensional. That same day,a friend of mine,which I told God will settle this month, and has been out of job for the past one year, got an employment with an NGO.
I return all glory to God the doer of all things,who has made the impossible possible…All thanks to Jesus…Hallelujah..

Toyin Afolabi

God’s faithfulness at work.


God bless you sir ma. Pls, I want to join faith with yours in prayers concerning our house rent that has been due since jan. all efforts to raise the money has not yield any result due to the lockdown. The landlady called to threaten us yesterday. Pls, we need ur prayers since she has given us till end of may. Mrs Thompson.
Sanctuary greetings sir and ma. God did it just after 5days of sending my prayer request which was sent on the 19th of may, 2020 . Our God is a miracle working God. We had two weeks to pay our landlady without a kobo for a rent nearly a million naira. But 5days after my prayer request was sent to the prayer line, and you replied “DIVINE INTERVENTION IN JESUS NAME”. By 25th may, 2020. God showed up immediately without delay
The thing is really working. I couldn’t sleep when the alert hit my husband’s phone for the joy that overwhelmed me. For that, I have come to thank God for He is the doer of this great thing and mighty acts. God bless you sir and ma and may your oil never run dry in Jesus mighty name. Mrs Thompson.

Mrs Thompson

Doors Are Beginning to Open

I have never fasted for more than 3 days before this year 2018. I decided to join this year  21 days Open Doors fast of this commission. Although I attend catholic church,  I was trusting God for many things some of which are fruit of the womb for my friend who got married last year May but was under pressure in less than 2 months and also  a good job for a friend of mine. Before the fast was over I received the news from my friend that she has conceived and few days after the fast my friend received a text message for a job offer in a company. I still believe mine is on the way but for these ones I don’t want to take it for granted. I judge GOD faithful.


God’s Protection and Provision upon my life and family

I want to return all the glory to the God of Dunamis for his preservation, protection and provision upon my life and family. March last year I was invited for an interview for a job I did not apply for after being jobless for two years. After the interview I was given employment as a Contract Staff which was supposed to last for the period of six months. Within this period, I joined the Sanctuary department and each time I am sweeping or cleaning, I cried and reminded the God of Dunamis about His promises to me. I told him I cannot be keeping his Sanctuary clean and be begging to eat. On the exact day the Contract expired, my appointment with the organisation was renewed this time as a Permanent Staff and not just that, my cadre was changed from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Officer. Also less than one year with the organisation, I was given an Award as the Best Staff for Year 2017. I thank God of Dunamis for making all this things possible within a couple of months. Sis Caroline

Caroline Emelue Animam


I want to return all the glory to God for seeing me through out my graduate programme. I finished my final year exams on the 20th of December, 2017. I was also trusting God for a job before my NYSC and the first day of the 21 days’ fast for 2018, I went for an interview and the following day I was called to come and resume. I want to return all the glory to the Almighty God

Paulina Ishang

All Year Round Favour

I want to thank God for His favour over my life and that of my family. During last year (2017) 21 days fasting, I wrote down what I want God to do for me. And to all glory to God, He kept His promise. I got a new career job, move to a better house, start my MSc programme, financial favour and above all, God preserved me and my family members. 2017 was an all year round favour for me my family May His Name alone be praise.

Bro Israel

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