Commanding The Day Midnight Prayer by Dr Paul Enenche

Commanding The Day Midnight Prayer by Dr Paul Enenche
“Commanding the Day Midnight Prayer” is a spiritual practice popularized by Dr. Paul Enenche, a Nigerian pastor, and the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre. This prayer focuses on seeking God’s guidance, protection, and empowerment for the day ahead, particularly during the midnight hours. The practice involves believers praying fervently at the midnight hour to take authority over their day and to establish Divine order and blessings in their lives.
Dr. Paul Enenche is known for his teachings on prayer, faith, and spiritual warfare. His ministry emphasizes the importance of prayer as a tool for spiritual growth and victory in the Christian life. Many followers of his ministry have testified to the transformative power of engaging in midnight prayers and commanding their day through prayer.
To engage in this practice, believers typically set aside time each night, preferably around midnight (11:30 pm -12:30 am), to pray and declare God’s promises over their lives, families, and circumstances. The focus is on aligning one’s thoughts, words, and actions with God’s will and trusting in His guidance and provision for the day ahead.

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