Amplifying Prayer Effect mp3 Messages [Part 1 & 2] by - Dr Paul Enenche

Amplifying Prayer Effect mp3 Messages [Part 1 & 2] by – Dr Paul Enenche

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Amplifying Prayer Effect mp3 Messages [Part 1 & 2] by – Dr Paul Enenche

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Dr. Paul Enenche
MESSAGE OBJECTIVE: Unveiling those factors that amplify prayer effect
It is possible to pray but the prayer does not go too far because it hasn’t been amplified
In chemical reactions, reactions can be accelerated and expedited by the introduction of enzymes that can escalate and intensify the reactions. In the same manner prayer can be expedited, amplified and intensified.
1. Righteous living (Jam. 5:16; Ps. 24:3-5; Acts 24:16; Ps. 66:18; Isa. 59:1-2; Prov. 8:13)
1a. Existence with a conscience that is void of offence towards God and towards man (Acts 24:16)
Defiled conscience equals denied access (access to God)
Prayer is amplified by righteous living; prayer is effective with righteousness
1b. Existence in the fear of the Lord which is to depart from evil (Prov. 8:13)
The presence of the fear of God imparts caution to action
The absence of the fear of God is the absence of the force of prayer because the fear of God is fuel for force in prayer (Prov. 28:1)
2. Thankful living (Phil. 4:6-7; 4:4; Ps. 103:1-5; 1Thess. 5:16-18; Rom. 4:20-21)
When you know how to thank God and give praise to Him you amplify your prayer
Praiseless prayer is like meatless bone
2a. Existence with the attitude of gratitude or the lifestyle of appreciation for the faithfulness of God in time past (Ps. 103:1-5)
Your appreciation for His acts of the past is qualification for His acts of the future
You are not qualified for what God will do next when you have not thanked God for what He has done last
Prayer is sandwiched between rejoicing and thanksgiving (1Thess. 5:16-18)
2b. Existence with appreciation in anticipation of what God is yet but sure to do (Rom. 4:20-21)
Appreciation in anticipation leads to the precipitation of manifestation
3. ‘Loveful’ living (Mark 11:25-26; Matt. 7:12; Job 42:10; Matt. 6:9-15)
Your attitude towards man determines God’s attitude towards you
3a. Existence with the interest and welfare of others at heart, that is, existence with goodwill for others (Matt. 7:12)
God is interested in the lives of those who are interested in the lives of others (Job 42:10)
3b. Existence devoid of bitterness and unforgiveness which hinders access to the Father (Heb. 12:15)
Bitterness and unforgiveness are attacks on your prayer life
To be defiled with bitterness is to be denied effectiveness at the place of prayer
4. Sacrificial Living (Ps. 20:1-3; 2Chron. 1:6-7; Luke 7:2-7; Ps. 50:14-15; 1Sam. 7:9-10)
There is a connection between your sacrifice and your request from God (Ps. 20:1-3)
There are things you do for God that makes you qualified for asking from God
4a. Existence with the lifestyle of sacrificial giving towards the Kingdom and this provokes Divine intervention (Luke 7:2-7)
The lifestyle of sacrifice continually provokes the fire of Divine intervention
4b. Sealing prayer needs with vows and sacrifices that activate Divine response (1Sam. 7:9-10; 1:11, 19)
Your sacrifices in times of peace activate Divine responses for you in your time of need
5. ‘Fastful’ Living (Isa. 58:6; Ps. 63:1-2; Gen. 32:26; Matt. 17:21)
5a. The periodic intensification of desire and desperation through the fast (Ps. 63:1-2; Gen. 32:26)
Spiritual deliveries happen at the frequency of spiritual desperation (Gen. 32:26)
5b. The amplification of spiritual potency and fervency through fasting
A prayerless fast is hunger strike
6. Prayer in the Spirit (Rom. 8:26-27; 1Cor. 14:2)
6a. Praying abundantly, extensively and intensively in the Spirit as frequently as possible
Praying in the spirit is praying in the realm of mysteries and that establishes a person in the realm of mastery (1Cor. 14:2)
6b. Praying target-specific, vital and necessary prayers by the help of the Spirit (Rom. 8:26)
Praying in the Spirit is praying in the language you don’t understand and that handles issues you don’t understand
7. Kingdom Service (Ex. 23:25-26; Luke 1:5-13)
7a. Releasing your time, energy and resources in the assignment of the Father
Service to God answers prayers that have not been prayed
7b. Brutal commitment to Kingdom duty despite enemy distractions (Luke 1:8-13)
Answered prayers, many times, await the committed at the point of duty
Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. We are grateful Lord. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace for righteous living, the grace for thankful living, the grace to live in love, the grace to live sacrificially, the grace for fastful living, to pray abundantly in the Spirit and to serve God above all else, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, establish Your reign and rule in my life, in my family, in Nigeria, o Lord, in Jesus’ Name. We arrest bloodshed in the North, o Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace to pray in the Holy Ghost, to pray in the language I don’t understand to handle issues I don’t understand. I receive fresh fire. Holy Spirit, fill me up afresh, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I receive the grace to fast and to pray, o Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, thank You Lord for answering our prayers. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
– Answers, solution and intervention have just been released!
– God is here to kill fear, take pressure and give solution, answers and healing!
– You will testify! Your family will testify! Your community will testify! Our Nation will testify!
– Jehovah God will confirm in your life that He is the Lord of the universe
– I see fear dying, pressure disappearing, pain going, the enemy exposed and the agenda of darkness frustrated!
– As Zechariah found his child at the point of duty, you will find what you are looking for
– There has just been an interference with a satanic plan against your family!
– Everything Heaven brought here for you shall not escape you
– Before the week is over, you shall testify!
– Every conspiracy of hell for you and yours this week is broken!
– The Blood of Jesus shall speak for you this week!
– Before the end of the week, you shall testify!
– Any encounter that is needed in your life to give you a testimony, I prophesy, it is released!

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