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The Need For Power mp3 By Dr Paul Enenche
Power Communion Service – Wednesday, 8th November 2023
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Anchor Scripture(s): Ecclesiastes 8:4
Message Topic: The Need For Power mp3 By Dr Paul Enenche
SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the need for power
When power is mentioned, many things come to mind
i. Physical power
ii. Intellectual power
iii. Emotional power
iv. Financial power
v. Military power
vi. Political power
vii. Diabolic/satanic power
viii. Spiritual or Divine power
i. Physical power – You need a strong body, sound mind and a fervent spirit to possess a solid destiny (Dan. 11:32b)
ii. Intellectual power – To be knowledgeable is to be marketable; what you know determines what you show
iii. Emotional power – This is the power that makes you move with audacity and ferocity; it ensures you don’t sink before challenges (Matt. 11:12)
iv. Financial power – Where there is no vision the people perish but where there is no money the vision perishes; vision without provision equals frustration; anointing without money equals annoyance
v. Spiritual power: Spiritual/Divine power is superior to all the other powers and that is what we shall be dealing with tonight
1. Power puts us in command, in control and in charge of the affairs of life (Luke 10:19)
If it looks like the things of your life are out of control, you need power
2. Power guarantees victory in battle (Dan. 11:25; Josh. 17:17-18; Prov. 24:10)
We need the power of God to win the battles of life
3. Power guarantees territorial enlargement; it gives us the capacity of expansion and extension (Josh. 17:17-18)
You don’t enlarge territory without engaging the enemy; if the world you live in is too tiny for you,
there is an enemy to engage to enlarge your territory
If you want to go where your father didn’t go, you need to know what he didn’t know and you need to connect with power that he didn’t connect with.
If the world you live in is too small for you, you must connect with power to break forth!
4. Power delivers from existence in vulnerability/captivity or existence as a victim (Gen. 27:38-40; 2 Kings 8:20)
When you are sufficiently connected to power, you don’t exist as a victim
There is a way that you will look in the realm of the spirit that even though the devil was not looking for anybody, it will look for you
5. Power gives us voice, force and influence in the world of the spirit (Luke 4:14).
There is something about a man of the spirit that makes him effortlessly influential
6. Power gives us the capacity to make change happen by force (Acts 10:38)
Every situation in your life that needs change, you change it by power.
7. Power gives us the capacity to overcome resistance (1 Chron. 29:11; Acts 10:38)
If there is a resistance in front of you that you are unable to overcome, it is because there is
a power you need that you have not gotten yet.
Whatever resistance you experience, is not because it cannot be overcome, it is because it has not seen sufficient power
8. Power gives us the capacity to make things work (Acts 3:6-8)
1. By being created in the image and likeness of God, we are created for power (Gen. 1:26; Ps. 62:11).
If power belongs to God, then power is the preserve of anyone who is in the likeness of God
The likeness of Jehovah must be a power broker/commander
2. By becoming sons of God we receive power (John 1:12)
If by creation the power was lost by the fall of man, by Redemption we regain the power
3. By being filled with the Holy Spirit we are wired for power (Acts 1:8; Micah 3:8)
If by creation the power was lost
1. Walk in the consciousness of power by walking in the consciousness of your heritage (Prov. 23:7)
2. Identify and activate factors that trigger the flow of power (Eph. 3:20; 2 Tim. 1:6)
The difference between the power we manifest is the stirring; the storage is the same but the stirring it different (2 Tim. 1:6)
Father, I am ready to activate the power of God in my life; I refuse to remain where and how I have been Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I make demands on a fresh in-filling of the Spirit, a fresh flow of power; I receive it Lord, in Jesus’ Name.
– Communion of liquid power
– Power is setting you free from every vulnerability from hell!
– By the power that shall come upon you tonight, anywhere you step into, the forces of darkness shall recognise who you are!
– That thing that has stood in your way is moving tonight by power!
– This month is not permitted to expire until that resistance around your life expires!
– Whatever is not working around your life and in your body, I decree they shall work now!
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