May 2, 2024

Good morning daddy and mummy. I have come to return all the glory to God for instant healing upon my fiance. Sometime February this year 2024 he started complaining of chest pain and he went to the hospital and series of tests, scanning were conducted which showed there is a bullet in his chest and needed to be operated on because it also affected his heartbeat. I presented it to God on this Altar, CTDMP Altar and I always keyed into all the prophetic Declaration from this altar which worked for him. On 25th of April 2024 during the prophetic Declaration Daddy declared, someone that is feeling pain on the right hand side of his chest God is healing you right now and I shouted Amen .Heeeeeyyyy ola ola people of God there is God in this altar. The next day he went back to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that His heartbeat is now normal, operation cancelled. I have come to say thank you Jesus. Daddy and mummy may God bless and reward all your secret and open labour towards liberating mankind.God you richly sir.
Sis. Ngozi from Abuja.

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