Goodmorning sir I am an member of the church I have been attending services and there is this usual statement you make that I have been taking as common but I took quite serious two Sundays ago ” systems shall lose their peace and rest for your sake until what is yours given to you ” this happened recently a friend sent me a job link and I applied I received an email unknown to me last week Wednesday inviting me for an interview in lagos but I am based in Abuja and even if I was aware I could not travel because of funds so I contacted the organization (Oxford Montero group) and asked for a reschedule I was ignore for a while and gave up then the words of that divine pronouncement rang in my ears and a friend urged me on because I was initially not considered since there is no office here in Abuja . God did it I was contacted and given an online interview I did considerably okay and I’m allowed to work from Abuja as a sales associate I have been given a target of #3m naira I don’t know anyone here but I believe God knows everyone I am on trial and the company will soon have an office in Abuja and my performance this month will determine if I stay as a staff. Salary is attractive and I don’t want to lose this job as I don’t have funds to move around and print letters as I intend to give to individuals and organizations for marketing. I also need new funds for clothing to look more presentable please pray for me for God to perfect this miracle. I actually desire you to be my first customer We are into lands , housing and agricultural investments. God bless you sir

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