I want to return all the glory to the God of Dunamis for his preservation, protection and provision upon my life and family. March last year I was invited for an interview for a job I did not apply for after being jobless for two years. After the interview I was given employment as a Contract Staff which was supposed to last for the period of six months. Within this period, I joined the Sanctuary department and each time I am sweeping or cleaning, I cried and reminded the God of Dunamis about His promises to me. I told him I cannot be keeping his Sanctuary clean and be begging to eat. On the exact day the Contract expired, my appointment with the organisation was renewed this time as a Permanent Staff and not just that, my cadre was changed from Administrative Assistant to Administrative Officer. Also less than one year with the organisation, I was given an Award as the Best Staff for Year 2017. I thank God of Dunamis for making all this things possible within a couple of months. Sis Caroline

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