Good morning ? from UK ??. I am Albertine Tem. Here is my testimony, I am presently watching the service this morning. And when the senior pastor mentioned a case about someone who was bound for death and he saw a coffin ⚰️ has been set on ? I was so much in tears because that was my case daddy mentioned. When he said that at the declaration of fire from 1 to 3 place your hands on your head and thereafter I saw angel Michael and Gabriel from side to side trampled upon the head of the devil in hell and all of a sudden they became many on a straight line from side to side and in the middle was a pool of fire ? and I was on the other side with the angels. And I heard a voice run on the angels to the other side and at the same time a coffin⚰️ appeared in the air burning ? with flames of fire and I saw myself passing through the burning coffin to the other side and watch the coffin burn to ashes in to the pool of fire.
Thank you Jesus, today marks an end to all my siege in Jesus mighty name amen ??.

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