Good evening Sir/Ma
My name is Vivian from Benin city
I want to thank God for His healing power through the commanding the day midnight prayer session. I join the prayers on Sunday 12th of November. I have been feeling this strange pain on my shoulders for the past two months plus which spread across the right hand side of my body. What got me scared was when the pain was more on my right breast and I find it difficult to sleep well at night. But after I join the prayers my healing process began the pain has reduced drastically. After the Monday night prayers when the senior pastor mentioned that God was healing people experiencing pains, during the prayers I felt a strange touch since that night I have been enable to do so many things I couldn’t do over the past months e.g I couldn’t lay down side ways with the right side of my body, I couldn’t lay down flat, I could swing my right arm without feeling the pains. Am giving this testimony because I pray God make me totally whole and make my healing permanent. Thank you Jesus for your healing power Hallelujah. Thank you Sir/Ma for what God is doing through you, you’re a blessing to the world.

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