God’s Favour

Jan 7, 2024

Good afternoon sir and ma,my husband has been an online member and after our marriage he made me joined. We have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb,and one day my husband had a dream that mummy visited us and said we should give her 40gh for transportation, which he did,and in the dream mummy returned and gave back 20gh to us with the instruction of giving it to a certain man in our church whose name mummy mentioned. When we woke up, he did as he was told. A few month later I became pregnant then, the devil appeared and I had miscarriage, yet we never give up. In 2022 daddy ask us to bring things as a point of contact for him to pray for us, I fully attended church that faithful Sunday on dunamis tv as usual. After the service I felt within my spirit to sow a seed, infact the only money left in my account was 20gh, but I said God accept it and bless my womb, herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, hehehehhhhh just two month later I got pregnant and gave birth last year June to the glory of God. Am not taken it for granted at all. More over with the commanding the day, awwwww we are enjoying God’s glory oooo, Above only is our place. We are trusting God for a great financial breakthrough to support our church project and trusting God for a lot of souls in our church. We know that with this great mantle of our father Dr paul Enench we will soon testify again and again because it will happen like a dream once again. Halleluuuuuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, thank you Jesus.

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