Eleee , above only is my place , God day Dunamis family, on the 3rd of January, after the prayer supplication, Papa said there is someone here that it is as if you owe money which was leading to imprisonment, on the 30 of December I did a pos transaction which the person was debited and it showed successful but did not drop in my wallet , I told her maybe its network but if it drop I will transfer it to the account I was to transfer it to , I waited till in the night and it did not drop up till 1st she called and threatened to call the police on me , which I apologize and told her to lay a complain to her bank , she did and I asked she said she have and they said after 5 working days if they money was not reversed they will write a letter for her to come and collect her money from me the sum of #100,000 I was shaking but I knew that God was with me , yesterday I asked if they have reversed it she said no today I did the same she said no , to God be the glory this evening i felt uncomfortable and played a chant and started praying for and when i checked my phone i saw the alert dropped it can only be God , and also my prayer life i had a little bit of misunderstanding with my dad which make me unstable and commanding the day prayers brought me back on my feet , i also pray that God will heal my mother of heart failure and partial stroke in Jesus name , i will be coming back with many more testimonies in Jesus name , Above only is my place.

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