God bless you sir ma. Pls, I want to join faith with yours in prayers concerning our house rent that has been due since jan. all efforts to raise the money has not yield any result due to the lockdown. The landlady called to threaten us yesterday. Pls, we need ur prayers since she has given us till end of may. Mrs Thompson.
Sanctuary greetings sir and ma. God did it just after 5days of sending my prayer request which was sent on the 19th of may, 2020 . Our God is a miracle working God. We had two weeks to pay our landlady without a kobo for a rent nearly a million naira. But 5days after my prayer request was sent to the prayer line, and you replied “DIVINE INTERVENTION IN JESUS NAME”. By 25th may, 2020. God showed up immediately without delay
The thing is really working. I couldn’t sleep when the alert hit my husband’s phone for the joy that overwhelmed me. For that, I have come to thank God for He is the doer of this great thing and mighty acts. God bless you sir and ma and may your oil never run dry in Jesus mighty name. Mrs Thompson.

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