I am here to say a very big thank You to the God of this Commission for healing me of cycles of issues, ulcer and spirit of humanizing. Am not taking it for granted. After I finished my Nysc in 2018, I was faced with families, spiritual, psychological, emotional and so many other issues at once. I was praying for death and even thinking of committing suicide. At a point I was hearing “Go and see Enenche ” then I decided to follow the voice a friend of mine gave me the location of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Lugbe. I went sometimes in February 2019 and Daddy mentioned my case that was where God started healing me. So I kept on coming I had ulcer since 2012, at a point I began to like and follow girls and others. One day that voice came again that I should go to Dunamis I obeyed and after the service ulcer vanished… I was very surprised because I have seeing other people getting healed and I kept on wondering when my day will come. I have come to thank the God of this Commission for helping me not to commit suicide, humanize and for curing me of ulcer…..i would have died by now if not for the God of this Commission… I am eternally grateful!

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