There Is A Lifting Up mp3 by - Dr Paul Enenche

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There Is A Lifting Up mp3 by – Dr Paul Enenche

There Is A Lifting Up by – Dr Paul Enenche is a song of encouragement especially when things are not going the way they should, when men are cast down, we say there is a lifting up because we believed God to turn the situation around because we belong to Him.

We have made a discovery from God’s Word that our lives are shielded my God’s love for us.

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One thought on “There Is A Lifting Up mp3 by – Dr Paul Enenche”
  1. Lovely, Beautiful, Powerful, Wonderful.

    Dr. Paul Enenche writes the most wonderful songs ever, as he receives them directly from the Spirit of God

    Check out other songs Received and Written by Dr. Paul Enenche.and also by Dr Mrs.. Becky Enenche

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